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Sometimes all it takes is a moment of inattention on the part of the user and an unsightly spider web appears on the smartphone screen, colored stripes, the touch stops working, and IPHONE 12 PRO OLED display turns gray and dead pixels appear on it. What is worth doing in such a situation? Instead of replacing the device with a new model, you can successfully replace only the damaged component. This is a financially advantageous solution, plus you will not lose data. A professional service will take care of the professional execution of the order. We, in turn, offer a high-end component, available at an attractive price. APPLE IPHONE 12 PRO LCD display screen is a tested, efficient and carefully packaged product that will restore the entire device to working order.

LCD screen for APPLE IPHONE 12 PRO

Replacement of the lcd screens begins with turning off the device. At the bottom, there are small screws that need to be unscrewed, and then APPLE IPHONE 12 PRO l cd screens gently levered to unseal the device. Professionals at this stage, using a special heater, heat up the glue so that it lets go more easily and you can get inside the phone more efficiently. On the APPLE IPHONE 12 PRO, the display lcd screens are mounted with special tape. To get to the hooks, you need to unscrew the battery and screen cover screws, then gently lever the connector. The tape also connects the IPHONE 12 PRO touch panel, so this connector also needs to be unfastened. The next step is to unscrew the screws from the talk speaker and peel off the sensor tape, then install it in the new screen. Immediately before mounting, remove all protective components from the screen. The components prepared in this way should be placed back into the body of the device, and then the connector securing element should be screwed down with screws. Doing the repair yourself can damage, for example, the battery slot on the motherboard, so it is worth putting the phone in the hands of professionals.

Display for APPLE IPHONE 12 PRO

In a professional service, the new IPHONE 12 PRO touch panel will be properly installed, and the phone will be protected by a seal that protects the interior from dust or moisture. A device repaired in this way is sure to serve for years to come. Choose a high-quality IPHONE 12 PRO lcd screens and order to your service center. Register on our website and enjoy many attractive discounts. Individual customers who are hobbyists in phone repair are also welcome to place an order. Check out the available products and order now!

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