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A power bank is a small device that allows you to charge many devices such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is a piece of equipment that allows you to enjoy the full capabilities of many mobile devices without worry, and then through a quick connection with a cable charge them. A mobile power bank is a solution for long trips, and for work in places where there is no access to traditional power outlets. The power banks offered by GSMOK are characterized by their aesthetic appearance, small size, and at the same time great capabilities and performance that will satisfy the expectations of all customers. We know how important it is these days to use phones, as well as other mobile devices, so we guarantee equipment of the highest quality, which is characterized by reliability.


GSMOK is a wholesaler of power banks and other accessories and parts for all mobile devices. We know how important it is to satisfy the customer with their equipment, so we offer it in the highest quality, which will make the comfort of daily use of your smartphone significantly improved. Our solutions are characterized by performance, innovation and aesthetics. As a wholesaler of components for cell phones and other mobile devices,we cooperate with the best and most popular manufacturers of accessories in the world.We supply the necessary parts and equipment in the main to large companies and smaller businesses, making sure that they meet the highest requirements of customers. Experience gained over the years has helped us gain the trust of many contractors and establish cooperation with the best brands in the cell phone industry.

Power bank

Power bank is a device that is becoming indispensable for many users of smartphones and other mobile devices these days. Power banks are a solution that will help get out of trouble for many a customer.Have you discharged your phone during an important call? The battery in your laptop is already flashing, and you are conducting an important conference? No worries! Our power banks will provide sufficient surge of energy to your device! Ultra-efficient, yet aesthetically pleasing devices are certainly an addition for all those who struggle with the problems of insufficient batteries in their smartphones.

High performance

The power banks offered to you are devices that will provide a sufficient surge of energy to any device. Thanks to the use of modern technology, it is possible to recharge or even fully charge a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a very fast way. Not only that! A portable power bank can also be quickly replenished! Power banks on sale are characterized by high capacity, which provides the ability to repeatedly charge devices in need of a quick surge of power. In addition, you can connect several devices to them at once, which makes them even more functional and practical.

Classic design

In our offer you will find power banks that feature a classic, simple design. This makes them an elegant and functional accessory not only when traveling, but also at various conferences and presentations. We value simplicity going hand in hand with practicality.

Cheap and fast delivery

For our customers, we offer a wide package of discounts and the opportunity to take advantage of free shipping. We process orders in no time, and the goods are sent by courier so that they can be at your place within a few working days. For regular contractors, we provide the opportunity to negotiate prices and join the loyalty package, which is available after registration to the customer panel.

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