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Parts and accessories for SAMSUNG A146 GALAXY A14 5G

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Wholesale GSMOK is the place where you will supply your GSM outlet with the necessary components and accessories dedicated to various models of phones. Each product we offer comes from reliable manufacturers, so we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality service. In this category you will find original spare parts for A146 Galaxy A15 5G, as well as their high quality replacements. Get acquainted with our assortment!

Parts for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phones

Among the parts for Samsung Galaxy A 14 5Goffered by GSMOK, you will find, among other things ,batteries for A146 Galaxy A14 5G, which will help solve the problem of incorrect energy storage. Depending on your preference, you can order a component that is original, with a capacity of 5000 mAh and provides the same runtime as the factory-installed battery in the smartphone, or opt for a replacement component. Replacements are available in both 5000 mAh and 4900 mAh capacities. In our wholesale store you will also stock lcd screens for A146 Galaxy A14 5G. We offer original and replacement models in black - with or without bezel.

In addition to the components that are most often damaged in customers' smartphones, you will also order from us such parts for A146 Galaxy A14 5G as flex tape and charging connector boards, side button tapes, battery back flaps in black, silver and green or vibration.

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phones

As a wholesaler with years of experience in the industry, we make sure that we provide our customers with comprehensive services. Therefore, on our site you will find not only spare parts, but also accessories for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G. We offer various types of cases - in flip case magnet, silicone or overlay versions, as well as dedicated tempered glass, which is also compatible with the Galaxy A14 4G model. You will also order from us mains and car chargers, car mounts, powerbanks, wired and wireless headphones and parts for many other smartphones. Check out the full assortment of GSMOK wholesaler and order selected products with delivery to your address!

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