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Induction chargers for the car and home

Chargers are basic accessories for smartphones - they allow you to quickly charge your phone's battery to full, and in addition, many models can also be used to charge other mobile devices. In recent years, however, high-quality inductive chargers for car and home have become increasingly popular, making charging a smartphone even more convenient - although it should be remembered that, as a rule, they have slightly less power than mains accessories.

Induction charger for phone for home or car is a modern type of wireless charger, whose operation is based on the phenomenon of magnetic induction. The small charger, which can take the form of a stand or cradle, is equipped with an electromagnetic coil in which an electromagnetic field is generated. It, in turn, generates a current in the coil located in the smartphone, which enters the battery. Thus, the device can be charged very easily without using cables and plugging the phone into an electrical outlet.

What are the advantages of high-quality inductive car and home chargers? Many people, after trying these accessories, cannot imagine going back to traditional mains chargers. First of all, just "connecting" the phone for charging is trivial and fast. It is also worth noting that with traditional charging it is difficult to use a smartphone, and the USB port and cable are subject to damage when the cable is pulled or tugged. For obvious reasons, such risks do not exist with inductive chargers for the car and home.

Inductive phone chargers for home in the GSMOK store.

In our GSMOK online store you can find high-quality inductive phone chargers for home, which will be a great alternative to traditional network models. Keep in mind, however, that not every phone has an inductive charging option, so make sure that your smartphone can be charged wirelessly before purchasing the product.

The advantage of inductive phone chargers for the home is also that they come in different shapes and colors. You can easily find a model that will look great in a modern, minimalist interior, as well as a charger in a natural wood color that will go great with spacious, bright rooms.

High-quality inductive car chargers

The advantage of modern wireless chargers is that they combine various functions. An example is high-quality inductive car chargers that can be mounted on the front fast - they work well both as chargers and as phone holders.


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