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The mobile phone repairing e-manuals include more than 3000 different e-manuals which can help you to repair your mobile phones in a more effecient and professional way.

You may download the latest repairing e-manuals for mobile phones with this spotbit mobile phones repairing manual dongle (not included in DVD) for free at

Please browse through the selection for more updates on the latest phone repairing e-manuals.

Features and Function of E-manual for Mobile Phones:
- Real life reading experience.
- Zoom and magnify controls.
- Easy navigation with thumnbail.
- No installation requried.

those manual are avalailabe:
PC Monitor:
Nokia High Resolution Colour Monitor Model Chassis 449P (Original)
Nokia High Resolution Colour Monitor Chassis 449X (Original)
Nokia High Resolution Colour Monitor 447ZAPlus (Original)
Nokia High Resolution Colour Monitor 445Pro (Original)
ADi Microscan Intelligent Display System / GD-166G / VD-697/E (Original)
AcerView Monitor Model F51E (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7299C (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7277 (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7276E (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7178IE (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7156S / 7176E / 7133S / 7134TS (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7156 (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7134E / 7154E (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7133D/11D (Original) - English
AcerView Monitor Model 7076I/7176I/7177 (Original) – English
AcerView Monitor Model 33D/ 34T/ 7134/ 7154E/ 7135C (Original)
AcerView FB850 (Original)
AcerView 33 Monitor (Original)
Acer TravelMate 270 Series (Original)

Nokia Mediamaster 9902S (Original) - German
Nokia Mediamaster 9500s / D-Box S / D-Box C (Original) - English (148 pages)

NewGen T1400 (Original)
NewGen E1100 (Original)
NewGen C800 (Original)
NewGen C620 (Original)
NewGen C610 (Original)
NewGen C1000 (Original)

Remote Camera PT-6 image headset hs-13w Card Phone 2.0 6384 6394 7184 7194 Service Information 6110 610 616 N810 6090 3230 3105 2112 6220 Mobile Phone Maintenance Documentation Gallery N3100 N6610 N7650 N8855 N5510 N6250 N3210 T2688 SGH-S300 SGH-T200 SGH-T500 GD88 GD90 Philips-99 WLL Terminal TFK-2 WLL Terminal TFK-1 NHM-2 NHM-5 NHM-6 NHM-9 NHE-5 series cellular phone NHE-4 series cellular phone 8910 7380 7280 7260 2110 2100 1600 1220 1110 1100 Premicell TFE - 2 WLL Terminal TFE - 2C WLL Terminal TFE - 2 WLL Terminal TFE - 1 RINGO Premicell TFE - 1 Observation_Camera_PT-2 N93 N91 N90 N73 N72 N70 N-Gage QD N-Gage NEM-4 Cardphone RPM-1 Cardphone RPE-1 9500 9300i 9300 9210i 9210 9110 9000i 8910i 8890 8860 8855 8850 8810 8800 & 8801 8390 8310 8290 8280 8270 8265 8260 8250 8210 8110 7710 7650 7610 7600 7370 7360 7250 7250i 7250 7210 7200 7190 7160 7110 6820 6800 6681 6680 6670 6650 6630 6610i 6610 6600 6590 6585 6510 6500 6385 6370 6360 - 6340i 6340 6310i 6310 6280 6270 6265 6260 6255 6250 6235 6230i 6230 6225 6210 6200 6185 6170 & 7270 6150 6111 6108 6101 6100 610&616 carkit phone 6081 6060 6030 6021 6020 6012 5510 5210 5190 5170i / 5180i / 5185 5160 5140i 5140 5120 5110 5100 3650 3600 3595 3590 3586i 3585i 3570 3585 3560 3520 3510i 3530 3510 3390 3360 3320 3310 3300 3280 3285 3220 3210 3205 3200 3155 3125 3120 3110_3810 3108 3100 2650 2600 2300 2280 2270 2275 2285 2260 2255 2220 2118

Shou Ji Yin Pin Qu Jian Zi Liao Shou Ce (Original) YMU757B YMU789B YMU762 ML2860 N188 N628 T108 T208 T408/508 A408 A188 DCT3 N3310 N8250/N3610/N8210/N8850//N5210 DCT4 V998 V70 V66 V60/T2688 G100 V18 GC600 S200 S1500 Q168 E368/E858PDA TCL6898 TCL1838/1828
Shou Ji Wei Xiu Ying Wen Zhu Shi (Original)
Shou Ji Wei Xiu Gong Cheng Shi (Original) GSM CDMA AD6522/CPU PMB/CPU HD155141TF/IC ML2010/CPU DCT3 CHAPS/IC PCT4 MJOELNER/EMMI 79E28 OEM UCYSSE/CPU VP40575/CPU OM5178/IC CSP1093 PSC2006 INTEL 1602C3B90 SEC KGF1016U4A LRS1316A AMD N643DTHIAV1 SAN XING A188
Shou Ji Suo Xiang Huan Zi Liao Shou Ce (Original) SI4133T SI4134T SI4133G-XM2/SI4133-ML28 SI4133G SI4133G-BM TI-RF2253 SIM8821 LMX2354SLBX LMX2333ILSLBX LMX2333ILSLBG LMX233ILTMG LMX2330LTMG LMX2336LTMG LMX2336LSLBG LMX2379SLBX LMX2379SLBX LMX2324 LMX2924 MB15F73SP
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Shou Ce 6 (Original) V688 V300 E380 V219 A399 630 EX280 EX369 860 218 V09 V10 1893 C869 DA8 T1000 5288 6298 9068 I700 7681 6638
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Shou Ce 5 (Original) A181 8008 KZ660 510 7688 I188 I288 GM600 888 730/750 9988 628 T6000 Z1000 CU100 Q500 C188 D1 A100 A300 C700
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Shou Ce 3 (Original) E140 E300 E1100 S208 T408 V330 X650 X788 X800 X4000 X8300 X9000 3268 3269 500 5688 5689 120 C58 6388
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Shou Ce 1 (Original) S508 V208 P108 P408 P108/P408 S308 T508 A800 X369 X319 A408 A388 A308/A388 GD88187 R878 7388 K320 K100 G620 G601 G6088 880
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Shou Ce (Original) V680 V60 V66 V8088 V998 T308 T108 A288 A188 800 C60 GC600 V18 SC03 SC02
Shou Ji Pai Xian Zi Liao Da Quan (Original)C60 GC600 S1500 S2000 SC02 SC03 V18 I820 S3200/I200 S3200/I200 S3220 618 8988 3188 R878 7388 7688 A64 A84 A68 A90 F99 F9 I188 I288 G620 G601 C6088 6288 6388 880 888 730/750 K100 K308

Nokia Series Mobile Quick Troubleshooting instruction(Original) Nokia 7650 N8910 N9210 N2100 N6510 N7210
Nokia Series Mobile Phone Repairing technique instruction (Original)N9210 N7110 N5510 N9210i N8310
Nokia Series Mobile Phone Repairing technique instruction (Original)N7650 N6210 N6150 N3300
Mobile phone repair color photograph collection(Original) N70 N90 N7360 N7370 N6111 N6101 N6060 N6030 N6020 N3120 N2600 Samsung SGH-D500 SGH-D600 SGH-D800 SGH-E600 SGH-E720 Motorola E398 V3 L6 L7 MPX220 Sony Ericsson W550 K300C Siemen SX1 CXV65 M55
Mobile Phone Repair color Photograph Collection (Original) A668 A760 C155 C200 C650 E365 E680 T720 V150C V180 V600 V8088 A399 A599 C100 D410 E638 E700 E715 E808 N620 P100 P518 R200 S500 T200 T400 T500 V200 X100 X209 X780 K700C P800 P900 T618 T68i A55 CF62 CFX65 CL50 CX65 99 GD60 GD55 GD88
Mobile Phone maintenance Documentation Gallery(Original)Nokia 6310 8210 Samsung SGH-Q200 SGH-N100 Motorola V70 T720i T191 Siemens 2118/C45 3508i/C35i Philips fisio 820
Mobile Phone Maintenance Documentation Gallery (Original)Nokia N7210 N3510 N6100 N6210 Motorola E360 C330 Samsung SGH-A399 SGH-A300 SGH-N200 SGH-A100
Mobile Phone Maintenance Documentation Gallery (Original)MOTOROLA V998 NOKIA 8310/NHM7 NOKIA 8850/NSM-2 NOKIA 7110/NSE5 SAMSUNG SGH-T100 PANASONIC GD92/35 MITSUBISHI TRIUM MARS
Latest Collections For Disassembling Mobile Phones (Original) Nokia 3650 N7650 N8910 N7210 N6100 N8310 N3310 N8210 N5210 Motorola T720 E360 C330 V70 V66 V60 T191 T189 A6188 V8088 SGH-V200 SGH-S500 SGH-T500 SGH-T400 SGH-T100 SGH-N100 Sony Ericsson T618 T68ie Siemen 8008 Panasonic GD88 GD92 99
Collection Of Diagrams On Latest Digital Mobile Phones (Original) Nokia 6600 N7650 N3650 N3300 N3100 N7250 N7210 N6610 N6100 N5100 N8310 N3510 N8910 N6500 N6310 N5210 N3610 N2100 N9210 N8210 N8850 N6210 N3310 N5510 N3210 N7110 N5110 N6110 N6150
Collection Of Diagrams on Latest Digital Mobile Phone (Original) P802 T618 T68 T66 T65 T39 T28 T18 GF788 A3618 Siemen 8008 2118 1168 6688 3618 3568 3508 1118 Panasonic GD88 GD55 GD35 GD92 GD90 Philips 820 99 989 939 LG5200 LG200 CU100 CU6060 CU8080 CH8180 CU8280 Alcatel OT525 OT500 OT310 OT302
Collection of Diagrams on Latest Digital mobile phone (Original) N-Gage N 9210i N7600 N7250i N6820 N6800 N6810 N6600 N6220 N6108 N3100 N2100 N1100 N2300

Nokia Colour Television Multi Concept MZ-Chassis (Original)
Nokia Colour Television Model Chassis Stereo Plus (Original)
Nokia Colour Television Model Chassis Eurostereo (Original)
Nokia Colour Television Model Chassis Compact D-E (Original)
Nokia Colour Television Model 7165 / 7164ee / 7163Sat / Euro Stereo (Original)
Nokia Colour Television Model 447W/ 449RV/ 6330VT/ 7142EE/ 7175/ 9800 / Digital Chassis B-E2 / 7155 (Original)
Mono & Stereo Colour Television Model Formenti Twist F24 (Original)
Mono & Stereo Colour Television Model Formenti F22 (Original)
Mono & Stereo Colour Television Model Formenti F19 (Original)
Grundig Die Farbe Das Fernsehen Technische Jahrbucher / Nachrustlosungen Fur TV-Gerate / Service Informationen Part 2 (Original)
Grundig Die Farbe Das Fernsehen Technische Jahrbucher / Nachrustlosungen Fur TV-Gerate / Service Informationen Part 1 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Technical Annuals / Solutions For Retrofitting / Service Information Bulletins (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 7350 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 7305 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 7303/7303 GB (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 7303 FR (Original)
Grundig Colour Television CUC 2059F CUC 2058F CUC 2080F CUC 2035F CUC 2031F CUC 2035F CUC 2030F (Original)
Grundig Colour Television CUC 2030/2030N CUC 2031/2031N CUC 2040N/2040 India CUC 2050N CUC 2051N CUC 2058N CUC 2059N CUC 2080N (Original)
Grundig Colour Television CUC 2020/2020N (Original)
Daewoo Stereo Colour Television Model DTE-28G8 (Original)
Daewoo Stereo Colour Television Model DTE 29G3 (Original)
Daewoo Stereo Colour Television Model DTA-21Y1 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model DTF-29U8 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model DTE-2898 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model DTB-21U7 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television F21A5 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DWX-28W5 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DWF-28W8 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DVS-2082DF (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DVS-1482DF (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DTW-28W2 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DTP-28G8 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DTJ-28A7 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DTE 2594 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television DTB-28B1 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 7301F (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 1952/CUC 1983/CUC 1984/CUC 1894/CUC 1842 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 1806/CUC 1830/CUC 1836/CUC 1829/CUC 1929/CUC 1828 (Original)
Grundig Colour Television Model CUC 1805/CUC 1825/CUC 1826/CUC 1827 (Original)
Daemon Colour Television Model DTE-25G7 (Original)
Daewoo Color Television 14A5 (Original)
Daewoo TV/VCR Combination Model DVT-20H1(T) (Original)
Daewoo TV/VCR Combination Model 20H4T1 (Original)
Daewoo Television-Video Cassette Recorder Model 20F8T1 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model 21C6 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model DVT-14H2(T) (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model DVT-14H1(T) (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model 21T1ST (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model 20C4 (Original)
Daewoo Colour Television Model 14H3T1 (Original)

System requirements:
- Windows 98 / ME NT 4.0 2000 XP lub Vista
- DVD-ROM lub CD-ROM drive.

Package contains:
1 x USB key
1 x DVD
1 x CD

We take no responsibility for support,update or further Producer actions.

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